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Looking to keep your mind sharp and agile?

Suspect you could be living a more creative life?

Believe you don't have a creative bone in your body?

ArtSparcs is for you!

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Paint Brushes

What is ArtSparcs?

ArtSparcs provides fun, art-based workshops where participants learn new strategies to gently challenge the brain, make new connections, and forge new pathways. 

What is the SPARCS Method? 

The SPARCS Method is a guided process that provides a virtually unlimited array of fun, creative experiments. SPARCS stands for Strategically Placed Arbitrary Randomized Constraint(s), but that's a mouthful so we call it the SPARCS Method instead. 

How does the SPARCS Method work?

Research studies document the neurological benefits of environmental enrichment and novelty, which are central to the SPARCS Method. The SPARCS Method also exploits the neural processes that make gambling so addictive, so instead of growing debt, you grow new neurons and new ideas!

Has the SPARCS Method been tested?

First piloted at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital in Jacksonville, FL with survivors of stroke, the dramatic results garnered the interest of key decision makers in hospitals and other healthcare facilities who sought to engage ArtSparcs in providing art programming. Like aerobics for the brain, (only if you love aerobics) SPARCS Method supports mental agility and can add dynamic variety to individual and group wellness programs. 

Who else can benefit from ArtSparcs?

ArtSparcs is for anyone who wants to stay sharp, minimize the mental effects of normal aging, support brain health, or enhance their creative/innovative edge. Children as young as four have enjoyed using the SPARCS Method. 

Learn more! 

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